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Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Sydney

Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Sydney

The Prince of Wales refit provided a unique set of challenges in that the 3 theatres did not share any common facilities and were quite spaced out within the theatre complex. This involved setting up in essence 3 small building sites within the theatre complex, we also had to adapt to the clients request to do this over the Christmas period to minimise interruption and take advantage of the smaller workload. As Part of the Building works we removed the existing pendants with the 3 theatres been completely redesigned giving the customer a greater flexibility inside each theatre. This flexibility allowed them to cover a broad range of operations especially when it came to the complex surgical procedures and the setup they required. Each of the theatres were upgrade to the latest Australian standards for both Gas and Electrical, including a new 11kVA UPS battery system giving them an extended operating time during any power outages that may occur.


  • 3 full operating theatre renovations
  • 15 surgical Pendant installations
  • 9 Pendant Super Structures manufactured
  • Network Integration
  • A/V + control cabling

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