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Education Facility and Theatre Links

Education Facility and Theatre Links

The 8 room Education facility that is attached to Holy Spirit Northside Hospital presented some interesting environmental challenges that were overcome in the design phase by a clever use of specific products. The open air and high light environment called for some especially bright DLP projectors for their 130” motorised screens, as well as the interactive whiteboards being a Sharp 70” LCD monitor rather than the traditional and far less bright interactive projection whiteboards.

The whole system is routed through a large Extron matrix and coupled with iPads built into the walls in each room running a customised control program courtesy of Advanced Control and Acoustics the system is incredibly flexible, powerful and well suited to the fluid nature of the education facility.


  • 130” High Brightness Digital Projection Screens.
  • 70” LCD interactive whiteboards.
  • Multizone Soundscapes with in roof speakers and hearing aid loops.
  • In wall iPad touch control for each room.

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